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The Top 5 Benefits To House-Call Appointments

The Top 5 Benefits To House-Call Appointments

In this blog from Advanced Internal Medical Group, we explain 5 benefits to house-call appointments.

What Are 5 Benefits of House-Call Appointments?

Millions of people are benefiting from house-call appointments. At Advanced Internal Medical Group in East Hills, NY we offer optimal in-home medical care for elderly and homebound patients. There are endless benefits that derive from home care including:

  • House-call appointments reduce hospitalizations.

  • In-home medical care offers individualized care.

  • Receiving your medical care at home saves you time and money. 

  • Our patients have greater independence when they opt for house-call care.

  • You can get the same professional services in the comfort of your home without an office setting.


How Do House-call Appointments Reduce Hospitalizations?

Home health care can help older adults, patients with limited mobility, and others avoid hospital visits by providing regular monitoring and education that can improve their quality of life. Patients also have 24/7 access to a professional they can call if they are having troublesome symptoms and are not sure what to do. Analysis of Medicare data found that patients who receive at-home care require significantly fewer hospitalizations and emergency department visits.

In What Ways Does Getting Medical Care At Home Offer Better Individualized Treatment?

House calls have the potential to provide healthcare providers with crucial patient information that they normally would not be able to obtain in an office setting. Patients receive more individualized attention and care plans at home, which makes certain procedures more effective. This also builds trust among the patient, caregiver, and at-home health care team. Furthermore, we understand that caregivers and family members play an important role in our patient’s care. At-home visits facilitate the relationship between healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the patient’s care and treatment.

How Does Receiving Your Medical Care At Home Save You Time And Money?

Patients who receive care at home realize that one of the benefits of house calls is convenience. House calls eliminate the potential for missed appointments and save patients valuable time and money that would be spent driving to an office or sitting in a waiting room for hours. Similarly, avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital saves money by avoiding expensive bills and the need for constant transportation.

Did You Know Our Patients Have Greater Independence When They Opt For House-Call Care?

There is a large community of individuals who cannot access healthcare because their physical limitations do not allow them to independently leave their homes. One of the primary benefits of home health care is that it ensures everyone receives adequate healthcare, regardless of their ability to leave the house. In the same way, some patients may not admit they are struggling because they do not want to lose their independence. At-home primary care helps these patients continue doing everyday tasks like walking, bathing, dressing, and preparing meals. This way, they can live freely at home for as long as possible.

Consider That You Can Get The Same Professional Services At Home That You Do In An Office Setting

Patients may think that the quality of care is affected when the services are provided at home. However, our highly trained medical team is equipped to perform most of the same services that you would receive in a doctor’s office, such as the following:

  • Physical Examination

  • Medication Management and Refills

  • In-Home Radiology Referrals (X-ray, Sonograms, etc.)

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Home Blood Draws

  • Immunization/Vaccination

  • Medical Equipment Ordering

  • Referrals for Home Health Agencies

  • Referrals for Other House Call Specialists

Our primary care and house call services always aim to address the direct cause of your health concerns, rather than just the symptoms. We believe that this approach leads to better overall health for our patients.

AIM Group provides medical care for people who have difficulty getting to a doctor’s office. With house-call appointments, people with limited mobility, the elderly, and others can get the health care they need from their homes. We have 35 years of experience enhancing our patients’ lives with primary care and house-call appointments. If you are considering services near East Hills, NY, and are interested in any of these services, call 516-352-8100 to speak with one of our team members.

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