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What Is Geriatric Care?

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Geriatric care is an area of medicine that describes the management of healthcare for aging individuals. AIM Group believes in supporting each of our patients in their lifelong health journey. Geriatric care enables older patients to manage their health and well-being while maintaining their independence for as long as possible. 

What are Geriatric Specialists?

Just like pediatricians specialize in the care of children, a geriatric physician focuses on the care of patients 65 years old or older. However, it is important to note that 65 is NOT the age set in stone. If you have lifelong conditions and are searching for a dedicated team to be at your side, Advanced Internal Medicine Group is here to help.

 In the advanced years, there are some complex medical issues and conditions that require a geriatric doctor (geriatrician) who specializes in and is knowledgeable about geriatric conditions. They focus particularly on keeping you functional and helping you maintain your quality of life.

Geriatricians often work as part of a treatment team with other primary care providers, focusing on helping older patients receive the help they need. The main role of the geriatrician is to coordinate overall care with other doctors and guide each patient in making the best treatment choices. Geriatric doctors work alongside caregivers and family members as well to ensure the best possible treatment for older patients. 

How Can a Geriatric Specialist Help Me?

Geriatricians specialize in seeing the big picture. Geriatricians understand the medications senior citizens need and the negative impacts taking multiple drugs can have on their life. They can prioritize which drugs are necessary and which can be abstained from to maximize your physical functioning and well-being. Patient experience is at the forefront of all of our services. With this in mind, our appointments are scheduled around your schedule. If you require longer appointments to accommodate transportation or to further discuss our condition & treatment, our staff is more than happy to make those adjustments. 

Geriatric Medical Prescriptions

The geriatric experts at AIM Group have many years of experience preventing and treating several conditions that affect the adult population. If you are taking one or many medications for different conditions or symptoms, it is important to discuss your medication list with your doctor. A trained eye can reveal the shortcomings of certain medications and offer better solutions. Our goal is optimal care with limited restrictions to lifestyle and comfort.

If you are experiencing unwanted side effects from your current medication, discuss your medications and treatment plan with one of our experienced professionals to find out how your treatment coordinator can alter your treatment plan.

Can I Benefit from Geriatric Care? 

There is no standard age to start seeing a geriatrician. Older patients who are experiencing the following should seek guidance from geriatric specialists:

  • Suffer from multiple medical conditions
  • Find that treatment for one medical condition negatively affects a second condition
  • Are experiencing functional decline or physical frailty
  • Have a disease associated with aging, such as dementia, incontinence, cardiovascular disease, or osteoporosis.
  • Manage multiple medications (especially if they’re causing side effects that impact your quality of life)

Where Can You Find Geriatric Care?

Geriatric treatments are not offered by many doctors or facilities. Advanced Internal Medical Group in East Hills, NY delivers quality geriatric care to our patients. Our geriatric specialists offer the following: 

  • Experience. Our geriatric specialist has 30 years of experience in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.
  • Accessibility: At AIM Group, we prioritize primary care so we can deliver better value to our patients in the long term.
  • Communication: We will communicate with other specialists and healthcare providers to make sure you receive adequate treatment and we are also available to you. Our goal is to develop relationships with patients, caregivers, and families that help us provide personalized care.
  • Philosophy: Your health goals are our priority. We understand that these goals may change over time. 

If you are interested in receiving geriatric care contact AIM Group by calling (516) 352-8100.

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