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Why Men Avoid The Doctor (And How To Change That)

Why Men Avoid The Doctor (And How To Change That)

If you’re wondering why men avoid the doctor, check out this blog from AIM Group in East Hills, NY.

Did You Know That Men Are More Likely To Avoid The Doctor?

Men are more likely than women to develop alcohol and other drug addictions, suffer violent death by accident or suicide, experience work-related accidents, and have a premature death from serious diseases. Despite this, they are less likely to consult a healthcare provider about their health issues. This could reduce their chances of detecting, treating, or even preventing disease in the early stages. Advanced Internal Medical Group is aware of the importance of closing this medical gender gap, and have written this article to explain why men are avoiding medical visits and how to break this habit.

What Are Healthcare Obstacles Do Men Experience?

  • The “Superhero Syndrome” phenomenon is often attributed to toxic masculinity, but the reality is more complex. Men are often taught to adhere to societal standards of “masculinity” that discourage them from reaching out for assistance. As they take on more responsibilities with age, including financial ones, the stress can become overwhelming. This can lead to feelings of helplessness and the belief that they have to be the heroes and solve all the problems on their own.

  • Men may find it difficult to discuss sensitive health topics such as erectile dysfunction or urinary issues with medical personnel during physical examinations. For this reason, many men turn to their partners or other trusted sources of support when it comes to talking about these potentially uncomfortable subjects.

  • Out of fear, some men may be hesitant to be truthful about their symptoms or seek treatment. Many feel anxious about their doctor’s appointment or the outcome of an exam. Additionally, many men are not fond of having to make alterations to their diet or lifestyle, which can be a requirement of their treatment.

  • Obstacles to men receiving appropriate medical care can include long wait times before seeing a doctor, limited hours of operation, costs, and having to explain the purpose of their visit to a receptionist or assistant. These external factors can impede men from getting the medical attention they need.

What Can Be Done To Change This Habit?

  • If you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming medical visit, it’s important to be open and honest about it with your healthcare provider. Doing so can help to build a better relationship with your doctor, and in turn, reduce your anxiety. Additionally, there are other steps you can take to ease your nerves, such as listening to calming music or practicing meditation. Remember, your doctor is on your side and is dedicated to ensuring your health by catching any potential issues before they become more serious.

  • If you’re having difficulty finding the time to visit your doctor, try scheduling ahead. Take a look at your free time and make an appointment accordingly. AIM Group is committed to providing a pleasant experience for all of our patients, and we’re happy to work around your schedule.

  • At AIM Group, we provide top-notch healthcare services for our patients. We understand that discussing sensitive health matters can be hard, so our staff provides same-day appointments and compassionate providers who will attentively listen to our patients’ concerns. Patient needs are our top priority, making us the ideal clinic when it comes time to choose quality healthcare.

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